Wa troops move south Wa troops move south 19 January 2007 S.H.A.NUnited Wa State Army (UWSA) Burma Army(BA) Shan State Army (SSA) Reports of the arrival of ten 10-wheeled trucks of the United Wa State Army 酒店經紀(UWSA) on the border last week have triggered a new red alert among Shan and Thai security services.The trucks arrived in Hwe Aw, Mongton township, opposit 景觀設計e Chiangmai, in the dead of night on 11 January. They continued their way to Mongjawd, west of Hwe Aw, on the next day. While some sources have speculated that the fresh t 酒店工作roops were for reinforcements in the Wa bases around the Shan State Army (SSA) South's Loi Taileng base, opposite Maehongson, some are wary about giving comments. "Twice during the la 網路行銷st 3 months we had sounded alert of an imminent attack coming from the Burma Army which turned out to be false alarms," said one veteran Burma watcher. "So let me reserve my comments until further infor 酒店打工mation have been received." It was discovered later that the wolf crying during the period was brought about by the Burma Army's preparations in eastern Shan State for its two-week divisional level maneuvers, 20 De 賣屋cember – 4 January, in Mongkok, 100 km northwest of Tachilek. According to the opposition Network for Democracy and Development (NDD) Research Center, the Burma Army's Kengtung-based Triangle Region Command had already conducted 小型辦公室two war games since 2005. Another Thai watcher told S.H.A.N. since there were no signs of a looming offensive on the Shans, the said convoy could be loaded with inmates from the Wa prison at Wanhong, Monghsat township, 49 miles northeast of Mongt 個人信貸on. "The Burma Army had earlier issued an order that Wa prisoners in Wanhong and Hwe Aw should be moved out to outlying areas," he said. The Wa meanwhile maintain that "for the time being" they have no plans to attack the SSA South. The UWSA had in the past coop 賣屋erated with the Burma Army against the anti-junta SSA. The last encounter took place in 2005 at Loi Taileng resulting in some 770 casualties on both sides.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 裝潢  .
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